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The HappyShappy Android app is India’s fastest growing social commerce platform, where you can discover & save new ideas & inspiration, find trendsetters, and get exactly what you love. It’s got fashion, beauty, celebrations, home, food, travel and beyond. Gifts, celebrations, style, vacations – all the stuff that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and Happyshappy. Be the curator of your dreams! Create Dreamboards with the ideas you love. Your taste, your style, your vibe, your tribe. Your ideas are safely tucked away into your Dreamboards, ready for you when you need to go back to them. Upload your photos and screenshots, or directly save photos and links you love right into your Dreamboards. One click, and you’ll be whisked back to where you saved the photo from. Add in inspiration you find anywhere – from Instagram, blogs, your favorite websites. With a click, you can save them into your Dreamboards. Connect with your friends, plan events together, decide your next group vacation, and style the perfect outfit with their input! Check out your friends’ Dreamboards and find out what they’re really loving. Give the perfect present every time, and enjoy being hugely beloved. On any photo, click the “I Want It” button, tell us your budget, when you want it, and any customizations. The Happyshappy app will connect you to the best in the business who will get you exactly what you want, in a budget that makes you Happy Shappy. No wonder people are finding it to be India's best social media app.
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